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      • Mount Breiteberg with ist watch tower Dr.Curt-Heinke-Aussichtsturm
      • Viewing Plattform Koitsche
      • Culture and Nature Trail  
      • Castle "Althörnitz "
      • Impressive ensemble of Upper Lusatian half-timbered Houses

      Community Bertsdorf-Hörnitz

      Olbersdorfer Straße 3
      02763 Bertsdorf-Hörnitz, Germany
      Tel. 0049 (0) 3583 57330
      Fax 0049 (0) 3583 573322

      Bertsdorf-Hörnitz - The Flower Village

      The nature park municipality of Bertsdorf-Hörnitz, at the foot of Zittau Mountains, was chosen as the "Prettiest Village in Saxony” in 2003.


      In 2004, it received a gold medal in the federal competition "Our village should be nicer – Our village has a future”. A stroll through the picturesque area gives the visitor an impression of why the village won these awards.


      The villagers beautifully decorate their front gardens and houses. The most striking building in Hörnitz is the Renaissance castle, which has operated as a hotel since 2005.


      Mountain cottages on the Mountains Breiteberg and Koitsche invite the visitor to stop for a rest.

      Zittauer Gebirge, Tourismus Sachsen

      Tourismuszentrum Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge | 
      Markt 1 | 02763 Zittau | Tel: +49 (0) 3583 - 752 200 | Fax: +49 (0) 35 83 - 75 21 61

      Zittauer Gebirge, Tourismus Sachsen
      Zittauer Gebirge, Tourismus Sachsen