Oybin, Kloster, Fastentuch, Hernnhuter Sterne, Karasek, Mühlendorf, Trixi-Park, Schmetterlingshaus


      • Adventure Playground
      • ARENA Jonsdorf (Ice-Skating, Ice-Hockey, Curling, Climbing Wall 14 m, Concerts & Co., Summer Indoor Playground)
      • Solar-heated water outdoor swimming pool
      • Rowing of the pond „Gondelteich“
      • Skittle Alley
      • Via Ferrata „Non’s Rock“
      • Café at the Health Resort Garden
      • Well-maintained Slopes
      • „City of Rocks“ Nature Trail
      • Millstone Quarry and Show Mine Tour  
      • Rock Formations „Non’s Rock“
      • Upper Lusatian Farmer’s Garden  
      • Upper Lusatian Weaving Mill Museum
      • Ski and Cycle Hire
      • Ski and Cycle Routes
      • Narrow-Gauge-Railway Station  
      • Tropical Butterfly House
      • Observatory 
      • Forest Stage (Theatre, Music, Concerts)
      • Kneipp Water-Treading-Basin

      Tourist Information Centre Jonsdorf

      Auf der Heide 11
      02796 Luftkurort Jonsdorf, Germany
      Tel. 0049 (0) 35844 70616
      Fax 0049 (0) 35844 70064

      Health Resort Jonsdorf - A Family Holiday

      Unique rock scenery and wooded mountaintops frame Jonsdorf, the resort accredited for its clean air. The Cölestiner monks of Oybin founded the place more than 460 years ago.


      The legend says that the shepherd Jonas, a monk of Oybin, was the first settler of the area that was later to be become Jonsdorf. Along a nature trail in the millstone quarries, you will learn about the heavy work of earlier generations. 


      Jonsdorf has a number of impressive beauty spots with famous rock shapes and numerous sandstone formations, for example the Nuns’ Rocks (Nonnenfelsen) with its first Saxon Secured Climbing Route. Jonsdorf was the first place in Upper Lusatia to be awarded the “family-friendly“certificate.


      Zittauer Gebirge, Tourismus Sachsen

      Tourismuszentrum Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge | 
      Markt 1 | 02763 Zittau | Tel: +49 (0) 3583 - 752 200 | Fax: +49 (0) 35 83 - 75 21 61

      Zittauer Gebirge, Tourismus Sachsen
      Zittauer Gebirge, Tourismus Sachsen