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Zittau Mountains Nature Park - Nature at its best

Mist rises up from the meadow. The first rays of sunshine are making the dew on the grass glitter. Take a deep breath and enjoy the silence...The landscape inside the Zittau Mountains Nature Park works its own charm. The highly diverse natural reserve measures 50km² (19 mi²) and consists of the mountain ridge, the foothills and the Zittau basin. Volcanic peaks and sandstone rocks with names like “Sitting hen” or “Head of Goethe” are especially fascinating. As you stand in front of Mount Oybin you are sure to be astounded by this beautiful work of nature. This sandstone massif (513 m/ 1683ft) resembles a beehive as it rises into the sky. At its peak, lies the legendary and romantic ruins of the former castle and monastery. Romantic painters such as Caspar David Friedrich, were mesmerized by the ruins and frequently depicted them in their works. From the castle, you can take the Bergring track to get to historic lookout points. Other memorable views into the open range include those from the summits of the Lausche (793 m/ 2601 ft), the Hochwald (749 m/ 2457ft), the Töpfer (582 m/ 1909ft) and the Nonnenfelsen (Nun’s Rock, 537 m/1761 ft). If you feel like conquering the “small Matterhorn”, officially named the Scharfenstein (569 m/ 1866 ft) then go ahead! The summit register is kept in readiness. With all the ladders and stairs, it's a piece of cake.

For further information about the nature park please follow the link: www.naturpark-zittauer-gebirge.de

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