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  • Windmills: Berthold, Neumann and Berndt
  • Wedding Windmill  
  • Weather Studio
  • Model Railroad
  • Short and Long Mill-Path
  • Tobbogan Run Oderwitz
  • Riding Clubs
  • Show-Baking with a wood stove 
  • Educational Centre "Erfinderkiste"

Tourist Information Centre Oderwitz

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Oderwitz - Windmill and Weather Village

Three well-preserved windmills and a former water mill, which is still in working order, are the visible landmarks of the municipality of Oderwitz.


Since 2008, it has been possible to say, “I do”, with weddings being performed in the romantic atmosphere of “Birkmühle – the first wedding mill in Saxony“.


The 510 metre-high Mount Spitzberg presents visitors with wide-ranging views over the Upper Lusatian countryside, right up to the Jizerský Mountains. The mountain Inn below the summit provides a comfortable stop enroute. Mount Spitzberg also offers an all-year-round toboggan park situated just below the summit.


For anyone who is interested in creating their own “weather forecast” you can visit the “Weather Studio – Zittau Mountains” and gain an insight into the world of weather observations.



Zittauer Gebirge, Tourismus Sachsen

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