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Spend quality time togeter

The Zittau Mountains Nature Park offers you a magic world of legends, hiking and adventure. It is the perfect destination if you're looking for a family holiday that offers diverse and recreative experiences for all the family to enjoy.   


Treasure hunting, swimming, climbing and adventure

In Seifhennersdorf, you can enter the world of robbers. Venture into the densely wooded hideout of the infamous robber chief Karasek! His band of outlaws caused trouble in the Saxon-Bohemian border area at the end of the 18th century. Learn all about his misdoings and his good deeds in the Karasek museum in Seifhennersdorf.


Knaves and damsels can explore the armory, the “Knight's Revine” and the mountain cemetery inside the historic Oybin castle and monastery. If they're brave enough, 4 to 10 year olds can follow the “Little Man of Mount Hochwald” into the shady forests near Oybin. In the Adventure Climbing Forest Zittau Mountains, you'll need muscle power and a good sense of balance. Choose between 7 tracks varying in severity. Not far from here, the TRIXI holiday resort (open all year round), offers you the biggest forest pool in Saxony. In summer, you can run around and play, in winter you can pirouette on the ice inside the Sparkassen-ARENA in Jonsdorf. While you're here, take your kids to the “City of Rocks” and the “Millstone Quarry”, a natural monument.


All year round, the toboggan run in Oberoderwitz has a 587 m (1925 ft) course allowing you to experience the thrill of tobogganing. If you prefer to travel more comfortably, you can take the Zittau narrow gauge railway, which opens up more exciting destinations to explore.


Paying a visit to butterflies, llamas and the Easter bunny

It's an open secret: “The Easter bunny lives in the Zittau Mountains”.  Olli and his wife Lotti have made their home in a den in the “KIEZ Querxenland”. The children recreational centre is one of the largest accommodations for nursery-, school-, club- and other group holidays in Upper Lusatia. A wide range of activities provide quality time together that will be remembered. When it gets warmer, families like to swim and play in the nearby water park “Silberteich”.


The tropical butterfly house in Jonsdorf has an array of more than 200 species inside the free-flight hall, along with reptiles, snakes and spiders. Children can also go on a walk with llamas in the Zittau animal park. If you want to hear your personal weather forecast for your holidays, pay a visit to the weather station in Oderwitz.


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