Beautiful views in the Zittau Mountains

Dear guests, There are countless ways of getting around the Tri-Border region and spending some enjoyable time there. Just travelling through three different countries in the space of just a few minutes seems like a crazy idea to many people. For us it’s an everyday reality. However, we appeal to all our guests to plan more than just a few minutes for visiting our friendly neighbours, as it really is worth it. As soon as you discover it, it’s more than likely that you’ll fall in love with the cultural diversity of the Tri-Border region. We are delighted to be able to offer, together with our partners from the Lusatian Mountains, this regional tourist guide. Our cross-border region of the Zittau Mountains and Lusatian Mountains Natural Park offers a wide range of different ways to spend the holidays while enjoying a memorable experience at the same time. You can find plenty of valuable, practical information and notes on a number of trip ideas and leisure activities in this brochure. You can also find a lot of additional information in the tourist information centres of the individual holiday resorts. Wishing you a pleasant and fun-packed stay!



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There are literally countless ways of getting around Zittau and its surroundings and spending some enjoyable time there. Not to mention the many different ways of spending your leisure time amongst our Polish and Czech neighbours. As soon as you discover it, it’s more than likely that you’ll fall in love with the diversity of experiences on offer in the Tri-Border region.



Witness the animal kingdom with your own eyes – some 75 species of animals from all over the world, adventure playgrounds, llama walking, tours and educational events for visitors of all ages

  • Weinaupark 2a
  • 02763 Zittau     
  • Tel. +49 3583 701122

Zittau narrow-gauge railway

Steam trains run along the Zittau narrow-gauge railway every day from Zittau to the spa towns of Oybin and Jonsdorf.

  • Bahnhofstraße 41          
  • 02763 Zittau     
  • Tel. +49 3583 540540

Butterfly House

200 different species of butterflies, snakes, reptiles and spiders. Family ticket. Fast food refreshments.

  • Zittauer Straße 24          
  • 02796 Luftkurort Jonsdorf          
  • Tel.+49 35844 76420

Church of the Holy Cross and Great Zittau Lenten Veil (1472)

One of the largest and oldest Lent veils in the world, with pictures depicting 90 stories from the Bible. Audio guide in German, English, Czech and Polish

  • Frauenstraße 23
  • 02763 Zittau
  • Tel. +49 3583 5008920

German Damask and Terry Museum

The comprehensive history of the textile industry in Großschönau, working historical looms, demonstration workshop

  • Schenaustraße 3
  • 02779 Großschönau
  • Tel.: +49 35841 35469

Oybin Castle and Monastery

Romantic ruins, museum, exhibition, ruins of the Celestine monastery church, lookout tower, circular trail, camera obscura, rock cemetery

  • Hauptstraße 16  
  • 02797 Kurort Oybin          
  • Tel. +49 35844 73313


St. Marienthal Monastery

Baroque monastery with monastery church, Chapel of the Cross and Chapel of St. Michael, fountain with column of the Holy Trinity, tours for the public

  • Marienthal 1       
  • 02899 Ostritz      
  • Tel. +49 35823 77300


Schminke House Foundation

The house was built for the factory tycoon Schminke and his family in Löbau by architect Hans Scharoun in 1933 – nowadays it is an architectural icon of the classic modern style.

  • Kirschallee 1b
  • 02708 Löbau
  • Tel. +49 3585 862133

Lakes are the perfect place for relaxation and refreshment on sunny days. In cooler weather the region’s indoor swimming pools offer entertainment, a place to chill out and take a sauna, and much more. Swimming, splashing around, yachting, practising the crawl, going wild, having fun, freshening up – whatever you want from the water, our region has something to offer everyone.


Zittau swimming pool

  • Töpferberg 1           
  • 02763 Zittau  
  • Tel. +49 3583 79690960

Hirschfelde swimming pool

  • Bahnhofstraße 10           
  • 02788 Hirschfelde          
  • Tel. +49 35843 25288    

Trixi-Bad Großschönau swimming pool

  • Jonsdorfer Straße 40     
  • 02779 Großschönau      
  • Tel. +49 35841 6310

Trixi-Bad Großschönau spa and sauna

  • Jonsdorfer Straße 40     
  • 02779 Großschönau      
  • Tel. +49 35841 6310



Our tourist information centre staff will be happy to answer any questions regarding your stay.

Tourismuszentrum Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge
    Markt 1, 02763 Zittau
    +493583 7976400

Tourist-Information Jonsdorf
    Auf der Heide 11, 02796 Kurort Jonsdorf
    +4935844 70616

Tourist-Information Oybin im Haus des Gastes
    Hauptstraße 15, 02797 Oybin
    +4935844 73311

Tourist-Information Naturparkhaus Zittauer Gebirge
    Hauptstraße 28, 02799 Großschönau OT Waltersdorf
    +4935841 2146

Tourismus-Information Herrnhut
    Comeniusstraße 6, 02747 Herrnhut
    +4935873 2288

Tourist-Information Seifhennersdorf
    Nordstraße 21 a
    02782 Seifhennersdorf
    +49 3586/ 45 15 67

Tourist-Information Löbau
    Altmarkt 1, 02708 Löbau
    +493585 450140

Tourist-Information Oderwitz
    Straße der Republik 54 / Haus II, 02791 Oderwitz
    +49 3 58 42 223 28

Fremdenverkehrsamt Lawalde
    Rudolf - Breitscheid - Siedlung 6, 02708 Lawalde
    +49 3585 474518







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